Metal Insider’s Top Ten Shocking Moments of 2019

Posted by on December 27, 2019

Compared to previous years, 2019 has been relatively peaceful. Arch Enemy didn’t ban another photographer (that we know of). Despite his failed comeback attempt, there wasn’t another Threatin. However, Green Day donated $2000 to cover damages from a hardcore show at your favorite family restaurant, Denny’s, and David Lee Roth crashed a stranger’s bachelor party in Vegas. Here are our Top Ten shocking moments of 2019. In case you missed it, check out our other lists: Top Ten Cover Songs of 2019, Best Albums of the Decade, Stories of the Decade, Black Metal Albums of the Decade, Zenae’s best concerts of 2019, and Zach’s, Zenae’s, Bram’s, Matt’s, and Jeff’s top metal albums of 2019.


BONUS) Creator of “Storm Area 51” event loves Slayer

Earlier this year, Matty Roberts created a Facebook event called Storm Area 51; they Can’t Stop Us All. The page started as a joke and ended up being a real thing as it made it to major news outlets. There were also a few arrests made that day after people who genuinely tried to break into the forbidden zone. Local news stations interviewed Roberts on the day of the raid, September 20th, and his conversation made it on TV and YouTube. While he was mainly discussing the rundown behind Storm Area 51, we couldn’t avoid noticing his Slayer hat. While this raid ended up with countless memes, the overall hype has dwindled fast. The Facebook event is now a page where people post random memes that have no relevance to UFOs, Extraterrestrials, or Slayer. 


10) Three Batushka’s 


Bands splitting into two has become more common these days as we’ve seen Entombed A.D, Venom Inc, and so forth. Earlier this year, Batushka was divided into two: one featuring multi-instrumentalist Krzystof Drabikowski and the other featuring vocalist Bartłomiej Krysiuk accompanied by a backing band. Both renditions released a new album. This particular dispute has taken things to the next level as there was a third version of the group under a Russian parody named Batyushka. On September 14th, the Russian parody act released a new album, Апостол, and it’s still available at this location. According to Metal Archives, there are at least three additional Batushka parody groups. 


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