Green Day donates $2000 to cover damages from hardcore show at Denny’s

Posted by on December 23, 2019

The hardcore show at Denny’s has turned into quite the story as it continues to make headlines. In Denny’s defense, this American restaurant chain is your goto place while on the road driving in the middle of nowhere. No matter where you go, Denny’s will always be there. With that said, the Denny’s at the Santa Ana, CA location, attempted something different than serving a daily special as they booked a hardcore show. Things got out of hand when the restaurant asked the band, Wacko, for $1000 worth of damages. 

Following the incident, the story made it to Fox News, as a Denny’s representative issued the below statement:  

“Denny’s is a family-friendly restaurant, and while we do have banquet space available at some restaurants, we do not allow events that can disrupt the dining experience of our guests. The manager was unaware a concert was planned, and the event organizers have been asked to pay for damages.”

While we don’t expect Denny’s to book another show anytime soon, the band launched a Gofundme campaign and has raised just under $2000 thus far. And that’s not all! A second Gofundme campaign was launched by teenager promoter Bryson Del Valle and out of all of the donations, Green Day has apparently donated $2000 to this account. Is it really Green Day? We’re not so sure, but if you look at the names of those who have donated money, you will see the name “Green Day” next to $2000.

The group has raised a total of $4,693, which exceeds the number of damages that was caused.

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