Well, it’s that time of year – when we all write our “best of” lists and you all complain about them. But in reality, 2019 was an amazing year for metal. I mean, downright amazing. And Season of Mist struck gold time and time again.

Now that Slayer took their last bow, check out these bands if you haven’t already:


10)  Life of Agony, The Sound of Scars (Napalm Records)

Two words – Veronica Bellino. Undoubtedly breathes new life into this band.  Listen to her on “Scars”- that’s how drums in LOA need to sound! Further – Joey Z shows the world that he is an amazing producer! He really brings out the best here in this band. Bass is better from previous records, vocals are better – it all just SOUNDS better together than many of the previous LOA records. A worthy successor to River Runs Red – but full disclosure – Ugly is   an amazing record that is vastly unappreciated.

Key Track:  “Scars”


09)  Mystifier, Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia (Season of Mist)

This band often flies under the radar, but I reckon they like it this way. Yeah, these band members say some wacky things, but who cares? This is a great record that reflects the South American underground metal scene. So unique, dark, but yet strangely invigorating at the same time.

Key Track:  “Weighing Heart Ceremony”



08)  Gaahl’s Wyrd, GastiR – Ghosts Invited (Season of Mist)

While vastly different from his work with Gorgoroth, Gaahl’s Wyrd demonstrates just how much talent Gaahl has as a vocalist. Incredible range and just a massive amount of talent. This record moves Norwegian black metal forward in a number of positive, yet ghostly ways. Invite this record onto your turntable. 

 Key Track:  “From the Spear”



07)  Entombed A.D., Bowels of Earth (Century Media)

I don’t really care about the politics and social dynamics of the Entombed camp(s) these days. What I do know is a great album when I hear it and Bowels of Earth is a great album. Gritty, heavy and very listenable.

Key Track:  “Elimination”



06)  Cloak, The Burning Dawn (Season of Mist)

If you haven’t listened to Cloak yet, you really need to. This is one of my favorite young bands and the amount of growth they’ve displayed within just this past year is a amazing. Killer live show to match a record that really has it all in the Burning Dawn. This record been’s burning up in my Spotify rotation.

                                           Key Track:  “The Cleansing Fire”