Metal Insider’s Zenae Zukowski’s Top 10 concerts of 2019

Posted by on December 26, 2019

Another year has flown by, and this one also marks the end of the decade. I just wrapped up my list for the best metal albums of 2019, and now, It’s time to list the performances or concerts that I’ve personally enjoyed the most this year. Let’s get to it.



10) Gojira – 06/13 @ The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC


There’s always something exciting about going to a show in a city you’ve never been to. When Gojira made their Road to Roo mini-tour announcement, my friends who moved out to Asheville knew the one way to get me to visit them was to see a show. And sure enough, they convinced me to head down to Asheville for Gojira. Between getting there and losing my Kalmah hoodie along the way, Gojira’s show at the Orange Peel was fantastic. The company I was with made this experience extra awesome and is a real highlight of the year for me. This band can do no wrong. Another thing to note from this show was their SETLIST! They did something different for their fans as they performed “Unicorn” for the first time since 2007!





The Heaviest Matter of the Universe


Flying Whales


The Cell



The Gift of Guilt

L’Enfant Sauvage

The Shooting Star

Blow Me Away You(niverse)

Ocean Planet



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