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Established in late 2008, Metal Insider is dedicated to accurate reporting in the metal music realm. While we sometimes indulge in eccentric stories, we prioritize substantive content over clickbait and TMZ-styled pieces. We focus on news, new music, interviews, reviews, and all things across metal subgenres, along with a mix of alternative and punk rock. Our commitment lies in quality journalism, fueled by a passion for metal and a dedication to providing artists, big and small, with a platform to thrive and contribute to the scene.

The Syndicate launched Metal Insider in 2008, with Bram Teitelman serving as managing editor until September 2018. During this tenure, primary columns such as Metal By Numbers became the site’s content staples, executed with excellence by Matt Brown

In 2018, Zenae D. Zukowski, a contributor since 2016, was promoted to editor by The Syndicate. After nearly five years of freelancing for the website, Zenae made a significant move by acquiring Metal Insider under ZenaeFilmz LLC in 2023. This transition demonstrates our commitment to preserving over fifteen years of work while actively evolving the brand. We strive to strengthen Metal Insider’s position as a trusted source in the metal community through new designs, columns, features, and a continued focus on showcasing global artists.

Meet The Team:

Zenae D. Zukowski: 


Zenae’s journey in music journalism began around 2011/2012 with CrypticRock, followed by stints at independent sites like MyGlobalMind before joining Metal Insider in 2016. With a background in film and a passion for creativity, accuracy, writing, and visual arts, Zenae’s dedication to Metal Insider goes beyond the call of duty. Alongside her day job, she dedicates countless hours to upholding the quality reporting and writing standards for the publication. Her passion lies in seeing Metal Insider expand and promoting artists to keep the metal scene thriving. Beyond Metal Insider, Zenae is actively building two new websites: Dizarranged.net, focusing on horror, weirdness, and the paranormal, and ZenaeFilmz.net, a platform for film-related updates and exploratory writings. She continues documenting live shows, travels, and her Metallica journey through photography. Zenae’s love for animals shines through in Metal Insider’s Paws, Pets, and Metal column, highlighting artists with pets and supporting animal charities close to their hearts.

Sean Matthews:

Webmaster/Assistant Editor/Writer/Photographer

Elise Yablon:

Editorial Assistant / Writer

Andrew J. Fiero:


Andrew has been covering musicians for nearly a decade. With over 300 bands under his belt, he continues to cherish the time he gets to spend covering various musical acts. From dive bars featuring local acts to sold-out arenas and major festivals, Andrew has seen and loved it all, always eagerly looking forward to what’s around the next turn.

Primarily a photographer,
Andrew has no issue providing full coverage while doubling as a writer when needed. He first joined Metal Insider in 2019 after honing his craft with several other websites covering a wide variety of genres. Metal has always had a special place in his heart, but he also enjoys listening to a wide array of rock.

Outside of media coverage, Andrew enjoys good craft beer, building models and Legos, gaming, stand-up comedy, hockey (Go Rangers!), and spending time with his partner in crime and life, Sara. It’s not uncommon to see the two of them together at shows, with Andrew shooting while Sara brings articles to life with her words.

Chris Annunziata:


Diane Webb:


DJ Alex Kayne:


DJ Alex Kayne has been a Heavy Metal concert venue DJ for over 40 years. Entrenched in the New York City Metal Scene, he is most famously known for being the original Heavy Metal DJ at the world-famous Brooklyn Metal nightclub L’Amour. During his tenure at L’Amour DJ Alex Kayne was responsible for breaking a lot of early metal bands and increasing their notoriety on the East Coast as he played many demo cassettes and premiered albums for the L’Amour crowd most of the time before radio airplay/release dates and it was his collection – which included records by then-unknown British bands like Diamond Head and Angel Witch, alongside demos by local groups such as Anthrax and Overkill – that would be the foundation on which L’Amour’s future would be built on.

DJ Alex Kayne has performed live shows across the country in more than 135 different venues, spinning on the same bill supporting bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Rob Halford, Anvil, Raven, Saxon, Exciter, Twisted Sister, Biohazard, Carnivore, Ace Frehley, Kix, Queensryche, Overkill, Ratt, Warrior Soul, King’s X, Winery Dogs, Stryper, Manowar, White Lion, and Motorhead among hundreds of others. Recent live DJ set appearances include the Whisky A Go-Go, The Jones Beach Amphitheater, The Gramercy Theater, Sony Hall, Saint Vitus, Brooklyn Monarch, Irving Plaza, and Terminal 5. 

Currently, Kayne is the program director of Slaughterhouseradio.com which puts an emphasis on Black/Death/Thrash/Atmospheric metal. His bi-weekly show “The Slaughterhouse” (a former top show on Gimme Metal) features high profile interviews with metal musicians from around the globe. He writes album, show, and record store reviews for Metal Insider and Sonic Shocks. DJ Alex Kayne is on a never-ending quest to keep the Metal fires burning, to keep the spirit of L’Amour alive, and to keep spinning Metal to the masses. He continues to this day his four decade plus mission of breaking new bands as well as honoring Metal’s old guard. 



Ian Weber:


Ayo! Hi there! I, Ian Weber, am a part-time Hamburgler, owner of too many band shirts, and a superstar writer for Metal Insider. I began my jourey in this ever-changing music biz in 2008 as the host of my radio program named The Metal Meltdown with Ian Weber. I have spent time as a record promotions assistant and have met some cool people (and maybe some enemies) along the way in artist management, which has lead me to writing for this prodigious website producing the concert calendar and some of the best damn live gig reviews you will ever read.

Hard rock and heavy metal music has been a large part of my life as far back as I can remember. I started listening to this music as early as eight years old because of my legal guardians who introduced to classic rock like Alice Cooper and the Doors.  I can remember listening to AC/DC’s Powerage for the first time when I was in high school school. That’s when I found my kind of music and from then up to today have been a huge AC/DC fan, as well as other bands like Alestorm, Electric Wizard, Filth is Eternal, Overkill, the Black Dahlia Murder, and more.

Being born in Brooklyn and now being a half-hour away from Manhattan, I am at the heart of it all to tell you about a – A LOT – of iconic gigs for as long as I can.

Follow my adventures, and entertaining non-sense: Facebook | metalmeltdown08, Instagram | izzysabbath, Twitter/X  | blkholestomach.

Jillian Drachman:


“Døden var her først.

Glemselen seirer til slutt.

Mørket fødte lyset.

Hva mer vil du vite?”

My utterly incorrigible will to spread anti-human propaganda has led me to write for a variety of sources, both print and online, including a couple of the biggest metal sites. This noble yet diabolical mission eventually materialized into my own black metal column, which ultimately had to be euthanized, allowing me to pursue my current goals in conspiracy with “Higher Men.” The sacred flame of black metal first possessed me about a decade ago with Filosofem, which, in my immodest opinion, continues to put almost all else to shame.

In the past, I had the grave misfortune of studying the dramatic arts with the very best both in America and Russia — a beautiful land that infinitely purified and enriched my soul with its architecture, fashion, fine art, literature, poetry, and much more. For an intolerable period marked by great folly, I worked for different producers who have received major Hollywood awards as well as Tonys. However, when I approached the end of the tunnel, I discovered a blinding light known as the pioneering Swedish extreme metal band Shining and realized that pretty much only Kvarforth is real!

Indeed, the brilliant Sir Niklas Kvarforth — who also belongs to the most excellent Skitliv, Høstsol, Seger, Lice, and Blue Detective — is my greatest beacon of inspiration and wisdom. His Høstsol co-founder, Cernunnus, of Manes fame, and Redefining Darkness collaborator Vicotnik, celebrated primarily for Dødheimsgard, likewise remain a couple of my other most respected artists. Besides this trinity of distinguished luminaries, my muses include Heidegger, Bataille, Nietzsche, Wagner, Ville Valo, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Jean Genet, Hello Kitty, Satan, and Jesus.

Kyle Finlan:


Lisa Burke:


Lisa Burke, a seasoned heavy metal music, fashion, and horror film journalist hailing from the vibrant scene of Los Angeles, brings nine years of quality experience to the forefront of today’s relevance in the amusement park lifestyle of reporting. With a wild passion for both the thunderous sounds of metal, the brutally spooky visuals of a horror film, and the electrifying spectacle of stage fashion, Lisa’s unique perspective adds depth and dimension to her captivating coverage.

Her favorite genres of music are black metal, gothic metal, Industrial, and darkwave. Lisa is captivated by the heartfelt release of inner turmoil that bleeds out from the musician’s souls into their music, and feeds into the mind of their listeners. Bands such as Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Clan Of Xymox, NIN, and Emperor are among her top choices to experience that calm, comforting release of dark energy. From the homely underground venues to legendary arenas, she fearlessly dives into the heart of the divine metal world, delivering raw and authentic insights that resonate with fellow headbangers worldwide.

Mar Morannon:


Mar Morannon is a photographer, writer, and dancer in Milwaukee, WI. Their favorite subgenres are doom, melodeath, black, and gothic; but they can also often be found at power metal shows hanging out with friends. Outside of metal, they enjoy aerial dance, playing theremin, and making futile attempts to train their cat to do tricks.

Mark Smitty Neal:


Melinda Oswandel:


Melissa Stiles:


Meryth Smirnoff:


Miguel Rozo:


Sara Elizabeth:

Sara Elizabeth is a photo journalist who has been captivating readers with live concert reviews and participating in the Headbanger’s Brawl column for Metal Insider since 2021. 
Since she was a teenager listening to Misfits and Type O Negative on a Discman, she dreamed of covering live music. 
Sara got her first digital camera at 17 years old, which started her photography journey. 2011 marked her first publication when her photographs were featured in Wilmington Today Magazine and front page of the website.
Sometimes partnered with photographer Andrew Fiero, this dynamic media duo has a passion for Metal as they immerse themselves in their craft. When not in the crowd or photo pit, Sara enjoys checking out local breweries and coffee shops, playing video games (usually RPGs), watching true crime documentaries and Horror films, and collecting vinyls.

Siegfried Samer:


Tom Mis:


Tom Mis is a Jersey-based metalhead, photographer, and writer. Keeping his ear to the ground on up-and-coming death, grind, and whatever new sub-genres the kids are coming up with, Tom can be found producing audiobooks during the day and photographing dirty basement shows at night. All of this stems from his undying love for Iron Maiden, and he’s lost track of how many times he’s bought various editions of Powerslave over the years!