Watch Jered Threatin’s bizarre return to The Underworld in London

Posted by on November 4, 2019

While many bands tend to pack venues after booking a reunion show, Jered Threatin decided to do the same by booking a show precisely one year after his no-show performance at The Underworld in London, England, on Friday (1st). Whether it was a publicity stunt or poor planning, Threatin has continued to make efforts on his fake-band-stardom. With that being said, he took his imaginary act to the extreme on Saturday as his gig included bots, sex dolls, fake band t-shirts, BBC News shirts, and more. According to MetalSucks, approximately fifty people attended the bizarre show. With the lack of attendees, we aren’t sure if this means Threatin is already working on another stunt or if we have to wait for his alleged documentary to be released before seeing him book more shows. 


For those who are curious to see his performance, you can watch the entire concert and see a few responses below:



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Mental but brilliant gig tonight 🤘🏻🎶🍻 #threatin #underworldcamden #gigs

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Threatin at The Underworld. One of the strangest gigs I’ve ever been to. It opened with a black curtain hanging from the stage, as soundbites of people (presumably in the media or made to sound like they were in the media) talking about Jered Threatin played over the PA. Then the music started and the curtain dropped to reveal dummies playing instruments, wearing T-shirts that said ‘Fake Band’ before the band came on for real. At one point, Jered brought on a sex doll wearing a T Shirt that said ‘BBC News’ and simulated a blow job with it. Sometimes he sang and sometimes he pretended to sing. At the end, Living Is Dying played over the sound system. Jered brought out a frame like in his promo pics and put it around his face, and then threw it down and pulled down his banners. Then he tore off a couple of dummy heads and offered them to people. 📸 @blogjam #threatin #jeredthreatin #livingisdying #theunderworld #gig #london #livemusic #metal #rock #breakingtheworld #breakingtheunderworld

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