KISS have put their name and logo on coffins, condoms, TVs, cruisesArchie comics, and possibly even Hello Kitty. Yet why has it taken Gene Simmons so long to place the KISS logo on a beer can?

Well the wait is over for alcoholic KISS Army members, as the band and wine distributor Rewine have announced the release of KISS-themed Zin Fire Wine and Destroyer Beer. The Zin Fire Wine is being described as a “bold and fruity 2010 California Zinfandel,” while the Destroyer Beer will be sold in a 33 cl (11.2 oz) bottle and 50 cl (16.9 oz) can. As of now, though, the private label liquors will only be available in Europe this Fall, launching first in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and then followed by Denmark, The Netherlands, and the UK.

Paul Stanley himself commented on the latest collectors’ item in the KISS catalogue:

“This isn’t just something we put a label on. We wanted wine and beer unique to KISS and we got it. This stuff will set your taste buds on fire.”

Gene Simmons also assured that “If you love beer and wine, this one is for you!” Thanks Gene, but if you don’t mind us asking, how the hell would you know? You’re the guy that’s bragged about never being drunk in his life. While we’re not the least surprised that KISS is releasing a line of beer and wine, we think it’s a waste of brilliant marketing for KISS not to distribute their own line of cold gin. Let’s just hope that fans will remember to use a KISS Kondom after chugging a few Destroyer Beers and using their love gun. And remember, don’t drink and drive, or else you’ll end up in a Kiss Kasket (or a Kiss Urn).

You can go to to find out more information about the Zin Fire Wine and Destroyer Beer.