KISS To Partner With Hello Kitty…Wait, What?

Posted by on June 20, 2011

Gene Simmons continues to amaze us. Every time we think KISS couldn’t get any lower into merchandising shame, they find a way to outdo themselves. So what have they done now that could possibly put KISS Kondoms and KISS TVs to shame? KISS Hello Kitty…

That’s right, Gene Simmons revealed via Twitter the following:

“Tomorrow (Sat), meeting with execs from Hello Kitty Re: a KISS-Hello Kitty worldwide deal. Wow.”

So there you have it. KISS might well indeed release their own line of Hello Kitty merchandise. Because the Axl Rose Hello Kitty tattoo looked so cool. The picture that’s up top is of a t-shirt found by fans via eBay, but we can only hope that the actual KISS-Hello Kitty line looks half as cool as that. At the very least, it’ll most likely look better than this.

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