Something must be going wrong here at Metal Insider, as we apparently just got a news item from 1979. Here goes nothing: KISS have teamed up with Archie Comics to create a four-part story called Archie Meets KISS. The series will reportedly follow the band protecting Archie, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the comic’s regulars from invading monsters.

On the one hand, it seems odd that KISS is partnering up with the 70 year old comic series, even if Archie Comics’ CEO Jon Goldwater is a “crazy fan” of the group as ABC News reports. Then again, we are talking about KISS here. This isn’t the first time Gene Simmons and gang have appeared in a comic (did anyone read the KISS: Psycho Circus series?). Plus, KISS have done even weirder product placements before. No word on whether the band’s blood will be mixed in with the comic.

The Archie Meets KISS series launches on November 30.