Were fans really upset when the Kiss Kasket (the KISS themed coffin for the truly obsessed) went off the market in 2008? Apparently so, since Eternal Image Inc. has announced the addition of two new KISS themed burial caskets. Each coffin is made of 20-gauge steel with a black interior fabric inside, but more importantly feature KISS images and logos on it. “Our KISS caskets offer fans a unique expression of their love for this iconic rock band. KISS fans worldwide have been awaiting these products, and we’ve even received product inquiries from as far away as The Netherlands recently,” claims Nick Popravsky, VP of Sales & Marketing, Eternal Image.

The KISS Standard (Solo Faces) Kasket can be viewed in the top right hand corner, while the KISS Premium Kasket can be seen below. With prices reaching just under $4,000, a KISS HD TV seems like a more reasonable purchase. Then again, after Dimebag Darrell was buried in one, they came a little bit more iconic, and as depressing as that is, there may be more people getting KISS Kaskets for their loved ones for that reason than because of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.