You’ve got the t-shirts, the toys, the pinball machine, the condoms and maybe even the coffin. What other KISS product could you possibly want? If you respond saying a KISS themed LED HD TV, well first I’d have to ask you why? Then I’d reveal that your dreams, as weird as they may be, have come true.

KISS has announced the release of the limited edition KISS LED television. This HDTV features KISS’ logo embossed on each side of the screen and comes in three sizes: 32”, 40” and 46”. Prices range from $818.88 to $1,388.88 (with an additional shipping fee of $375 if you live outside the United States), and is limited to only 15,000 pieces. If you’re tired of watching Family Jewels without a KISS logo coming on for eight seconds every time you turn on your TV, then you’re in luck. I mean, who hasn’t been watching TV and thinking that they’re not rocking every night and partying every day enough? Now you’ll be able to both without taking your eyes off the screen.

You can purchase and find out more information on this highly expensive collector’s item at the