Devin Townsend raised $81k with second Quarantine Concert

Posted by on April 27, 2020


Devin Townsend performed his second online concert this past weekend and was able to raise $81,000 USD for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The frontman was able to raise $45,000 USD for Vancouver General Hospital during the first performance, so fortunately the series is growing. For this series, Devin has teamed up with various companies (Fractal, Line6, ToonTrack, etc) that will give the top 5 donors a “really sweet gift pack” which will also be signed by Devin himself. He also mentioned that an audio version of the concert will be available as well.

…Ah, the ‘out of synch’ thing that happened in the live stream was super disheartening… =/ but here it is ‘synched up’ after the fact with just a stereo board mix. Thanks for participating, at last count, it looks like this concert has raised about 81,000 USD for the NHS in the UK. One more concert next week, then I can think about some other things =) …audio download will be available on Monday.

The third and last show in this series will be coming Saturday, May 2nd – Noon PDT / 20:00 BST / 05:00 AEST
Get your tickets here: www.stageit.com/Devin_Townsend

Omerch have also made some special t-shirts for this series of shows. You can pick one up in either green or white, here:

Check out the Quarantine Project playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

If your curious about the home setup Devin created for this Quarantine series, check out this short video of him explaining his “jimmy rig” and how he was able to utilize a rotary fan and cake mixer in his setup.

Below is the setlist for the second Quarantine Concert:

  1. Equation
  2. Almost Again
  3. Stormbending
  4. ZTO
  5. March of the Poozers
  6. Bastard
  7. Genesis
  8. Kingdom

The third and last show in this series will be Saturday, May 2nd – Noon PDT and will be benefiting the North Shore University Hospital in New York state. Get your tickets here.

Want more Devin!? Check out his current 11 Part Quarantine Project and Podcast below!


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