Devin Townsend discusses “Infinity” in latest podcast episode

Posted by on April 10, 2020

Devin Townsend continues to crank out content during these quarantine times and has unleashed another in-depth episode of his new podcast, The Devin Townsend Podcast. This third installment focuses on his 1998 album Infinity and Devin warns us that this album was hard to discuss while trying his best to be honest.

So this is episode 3, about the album ‘Infinity’ (which followed City and Ocean Machine). I warn you going into this: I am confusing in the ways i explain this one. Theres so many things I would like to say and honestly, Im barely able to be coherant about it all here. Once it gets going it makes a bit more sense, but it takes a while to warm up… and really, fair play. This was a hard thing to record and discuss, and in reviewing it, I still didnt find myself able to even scratch the surface. Regardless, Infinity was exactly where I was at the time, so I have no ‘regrets’, but you know…yikes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this as in any case, I tried to at least be honest…(maybe a bit hard on myself, but honest nonetheless). Take care- Dev

Check out the third episode below and pre-order his Empath – The Ultimate Edition box set here!

Devin is also performing three 50 minute online concerts with all proceeds going to various charities. Below is a link to watch each event:

The top 5 donators for each show will receive signed merch as well as some killer products from a number of companies. Also, everyone who watches (regardless of donations) will get the audio version of the show emailed to them as well.



Want more Devin!? Check out his current 11 Part Quarantine Project below!


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