Devin Townsend posts Quarantine Part 7: The VENGABUDS

Posted by on March 25, 2020


Devin Townsend has posted Part 7 of the Quarantine Project which features the Vengaboys cover, “We like to Party!” from Part 3 but this time it’s accompanied by a video filled with fan footage. Devin asked fans to submit videos of themselves doing random acts and he would edit them together for a music video. You can see Devin’s comments below:

Ok, So although no new song today , (im working on a bunch of really cool ones I think for the next few days), today is the VENGABUDS video, which is all the clips you guys sent to me on Twitter for this cover song =) I scoured Twitter to make sure I got them all, and I think I did, but let me know if I missed you. Thank you SO MUCH for participating during this crazy time… it provides a bit of hope amidst the chaos =) You guys are wonderful for sending these things in. I tried to edit it to the best of my ability
Im afraid I didn’t remix the song yet, but I got word today that all these Quarantine songs may see an actual release, so I figure Ill do it then…

Tomorrow is another new song, so I hope you’ll dig whats coming next (some really special stuff) and THANK YOU for hanging in there.

See you tomorrow!

Your virtual pal, Dev

Watch the video for the Vengaboys cover below!

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