Devin Townsend shares Vengaboys cover and another new song

Posted by on March 21, 2020


Devin Townsend is making the best of his self-quarantine, after his North American tour postponement, by keeping busy with his “Quarantine Project,” where he has been releasing new tunes and unreleased content, ZTV, each day.

Devin now posted part 3 and 4 of the project which features a Vengaboys cover and a tune that sounds like it was left off his 2011 album Ghost. 

When speaking about the Vengaboys cover, Devin commented:

OK, so here’s an unmixed version of this song (I’ll mix it once I’ve got some video content) and I just threw together a dumb visual as a placeholder too…

The idea is: If you’re bored or self Isolated right now, have some fun and make some video footage and send it to me on twitter, then I’ll mix this and redo a compilation video.

This song features the fantastic Anneke Van Giersebergen in the chorus and the fantastic Che Aimee Dorval in the verse

Sorry to Jasper, who has told me for years not to post this, but man…desperate times require desperate actions…

The original song was by The Vengaboys

{Edit by Jasper: If the Vengaboys sue us we’ll probably need another GoFundMe campaign.}

When speaking about Part 4 of the Quarantine Project, Good Morning, he comments:

Hey! Good morning, quarantine friends =) Today, its just an easy jam I did with my good friend Kat Epple, this is just something nice to drink your morning tea or coffee to =)

Take care, see you tomorrow.


You can donate to Devin’s GoFundMe here and can enjoy Quarantine Project Part 3 and 4 below!



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