Devin Townsend shares a new mix for “A New Reign”

Posted by on March 30, 2020


Part 10 of Devin Townsend’s Quarantine Project is here and it features a new mix of “A New Reign,” originally from the 2014 record, Sky Blue. Devin explained how he was not a fan of the original mix and decided to stream the process of remixing it for his fans on Twitch. The guitarist delves into the meaning of the song and how this remix was cathartic for him.

Heyo, Dev here again…hope you’re holding fast. This week starts with a song that was originally on the Sky Blue album, yet I was dissatisfied with the original mix back then, so I did a new mix of it on Twitch the other day. Here it is.

The song deals with loss. Mourning. It was written during a period of loss of some people in my world and a few close around me as well. Getting down to the intensity of it that I felt we missed the first time around was cathartic.

Another week ahead of us that is worth fighting for. Love to you and yours, stay strong.

Dev =)

Below you can watch Devin mix “A Newer Reign” and then listen to the final product:

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