Devin Townsend discusses Strapping Young Lad’s “City” on new podcast episode

Posted by on April 8, 2020

Devin Townsend has dropped the second episode of the Devin Townsend Podcast and focuses on the reclaimed 1997 Strapping Young Lad album, City. Just like the first episode, this second installment provides an in-depth analysis of the album.

This is episode 2, about the second Strapping Young Lad album, CITY. I figured instead of doing Terria next, Id do them in order (though Ive still ignored HAARHT and Punky thus far, but I’ll get to them) and City was done simultaneously to Ocean Machine and best keeps the momentum going.
It took less time to do this than I thought, so I may wait a day before starting Infinity, but if you’re bored…heres another rambling slab of…well..me.

Check out the second episode below and pre-order his Empath – The Ultimate Edition box set here!

Want more Devin!? Check out his current 11 Part Quarantine Project below!

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