Devin Townsend is now on Twitch and shares new song “HONEYBUNCH”

Posted by on March 24, 2020


As Devin Townsend stays productive during his quarantine, he has now set up a Twitch account and is streaming for the masses! In his most recent video, he shows the video editing process for his latest song, “HONEYBUNCH” featuring Che Aimee Dorval, who previously worked on Casualties of Cool. Devin commented on the Twitch stream and new song:

Hey there folks =) Another day, another Quarantine Project demo!

This one I’ve been mixing on the Twitch stream over the past few days, it’s called ‘Honeybunch’ and is a melodic little oddity that gets stuck in my head.

A fortunate side effect of this Quarantine is that a lot of friends of mine are cooped up too, so for this, my buddy Che Aimee Dorval sang her parts in her living room at the same time as drummer Federico Paulovich recorded his drums in his =) Fortuitous! …both of those artists are exceptionally talented.

Wayne Joyner offered to make a cool little video too, (which I added a few dumb faces too) and I think its kind of a decent little song. Thanks everyone involved =)

I hope you enjoy, and I wish you all strength during this trying time. I’ll be doing a Twitch stream at noon if you’re up for a guitar lesson

Your virtual friend, Dev.

Twitch: Twitch.tv/devin_townsend
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Check out Devin’s Twitch account here and watch “HONEYBUNCH” below!

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