1) Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien arrested as house burns down:

Just four days after Cannibal Corpse completed their North American tour, guitarist Pat O’Brien was arrested after being charged with burglary and charging at an officer with a knife while firefighters were battling a blaze at his home. Sadly, this occurred right after the announcement was made on the group supporting Slayer’s 2019 farewell North American trek. It also wasn’t too long  after when the band revealed they were set to co-headline partial of Decibel’s 2019 tour. We’ve seen O’Brien’s first court appearance as flamethrowers and a large stash of weapons (mostly legal) were found in his home. We haven’t heard much since O’Brien was released from jail but the group issued a statement on this matter addressing that he looks forward to a “healthy return at some point.” Hopefully, we will see O’Brien return to the stage in 2019 or at least he have a full recovery. – Zenae