Metal Insider’s Top 10 Shocking Moments of 2018

Posted by on December 31, 2018

9) NOFX apologized for the first time

NOFX have always been known for their dark humor. However, earlier this year they took things too far when they made a joke about the Las Vegas shooting. While the group issued a formal apology, their actions had consequences that included Stone Brewing Co. cutting ties with the group, they cancelled their remaining U.S shows as well as the Camp Punk In Drublic fest. However, 2019 looks like a better year for them since they booked their first U.S show since the incident which will be at the Camp Anarchy fest for next June in Ohio. – Zenae 

8) The rise of Ghost

People either love or hate this band. However, it’s safe to say, 2018 has been the year for Ghost. They embarked on their first-ever headlining U.S arena shows, released one of the best metal albums of 2018 with Prequelle, dedicated an entire show to a fallen fan, and let’s not forget, the lawsuit against frontman Tobias Forge has been dismissed by Swedish Court. Despite what a Texas Pastor thinks about their music, it hasn’t stopped them from being nominated for the ‘Best Rock Song’ and ‘Best Rock Album’ at the 61st annual Grammy Awards. There will be much more to see from these Swedish metallers, as they will be supporting Metallica’s summer 2019 European tour. – Zenae 

7) Couple ejected for having sex at a Machine Head show:

This hasn’t been the greatest year for Machine Head and it all started with a negative review on the band’s latest effort, Catharsis. While the group encountered a scary bus accident, Phil Demmel and Dave McClain both decided to leave the band later in the year as their fall tour was known as the final run with the current lineup. This decision led to different opportunities as McClain rejoined Sacred Reich and Demmel filled in for Gary Holt for a few dates on Slayer’s farewell European tour. However, while Machine Head was saying their farewell to the current lineup, a couple decided to help their run go out with a bang as they were ejected from the San Diego show for having sex during the song “Davidian.” – Zenae 

6) As I Lay Dying returned

It happened. As I Lay Dying returned in five years and had a few successful tours as well. It was back in 2013 when frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested for attempting to hire a hitman to have his wife at the time killed. The singer pleaded guilty in 2014, and by December of 2016, he was released. This year, the group made a bold move by returning as they’ve shared a video about their controversial comeback, and we shared our thoughts as well. Will 2019 mark a new album for the group? – Zenae


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