Tampa Bay Times is reporting, Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien called family members to warn them about “the rapture” and that “aliens have landed.” It isn’t clear what set these thoughts four days after completing the group’s North American Tour. However, conspiracy theories, Rapture predictions, and UFO sightings are more common than one may think. With that being said, it’s suggested that we should follow what Deana Mazurkiewicz, wife of Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz urged to “not jump to conclusions until the full details of what occurred come out.”

In addition to O’Brien’s alleged hallucinations, Tampa Bay Times also mentioned that fire marshals found a large stash of weapons, locked safes and potential explosive devices. Based on a search warrant, Tampa Bay Times addressed the following items were found:

“50 shotguns — including one with a barrel illegally sawed off to about an inch past the stock — 10 semi automatic rifles including a couple of AK-47 variants, two Uzi-style rifles and 20 handguns.

Authorities even found two flame throwers, according to the warrant, one inside the house and one outside of it. 

Investigators seized thousands of rounds of ammunition stored in boxes, military-style metal cans, and ammunition belts, several other weapons and weapons’ parts and three skulls.”

Most importantly, it’s been noted that with the exception of the sawed-off shotgun, it’s not illegal to possess the aforementioned weapons found in O’Brien’s home. However, whether or not the guitarist has the proper paperwork for said items hasn’t been confirmed.

O’Brien was released from jail this past Friday (14th) after posting $50,000 bail. Neither the band and management have issued a statement on this matter.