Earlier this morning, we were stunned to hear about the arrest of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien, just one day after the announcement was made on the group supporting Slayer’s third North American farewell trek. It wasn’t too long ago when these death metal giants revealed they were set to co-headline partial of Decibel’s 2019 tour as well. With an incredible year ahead of them, this news has caused our heads to spin.

While the band nor their record label, Metal Blade, has issued a statement on this matter; we have to go by what Florida news sources are reporting at this time. O’Brien made his first court appearance this morning, one day after being arrested for breaking into a family home while his home caught fire as ammunition continued to explode. Whether he was at a state of shock discovering his house had been destroyed, it was reported that the guitarist pushed a woman down as well as charged deputies with a knife.

O’Brien was wearing an anti-suicide vest with his wrist and ankles chained together, showed up to the Hills County Courthouse and was informed by a judge that he had to be tested for drugs in order to be bonded out of jail. He is currently facing a $50,000 bond and being charged for aggravated assault on a Law Enforcement officer w/ a deadly weapon and burglary occupied dwelling with assault or battery.

The full report reads:

On 12/10/18 at approximately 6:57 p.m., Patrick O’Brien entered 4732 Windflower Cr, to which he did not have permission from the owner/victim, nor did he know any residents at the above listed address. The residents ordered the defendant to exit the home immediately, at which point Patrick O’Brien pushed one of the residents to the ground against her will and fled into the backyard. When a deputy arrived, Patrick O’Brien would not obey his lawful commands and ran towards the deputy with a knife in his right hand. O’Brien was contained using a taser and was taken into custody. He is charged with Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer with Deadly Weapon and Burglary Occupied Dwelling with Assault or Battery. The investigation is ongoing.