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Kirk Hammett makes cocky statement, pisses off musicians everywhere

Posted by on February 15, 2016

A member of Metallica is making headlines again. Shocking. This time, it’s guitarist Kirk Hammett. In a recent interview with Music Radar to promote his KHDK guitar pedal line, he said something that has people pretty pissed: “We’re all very inspired and very, very excited about this. I think it’s the first time you’ll see a […]

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Protest the Hero’s guitarist trips, slips, flips offstage

Posted by on August 14, 2015

[youtube][/youtube] At a recent show in St. Petersburg, Russia, Protest the Hero guitarist Tim Millar was filming the crowd with a camera in the middle of a song when he wandered offstage. There’s a valuable lesson to be learned about how douchy selfie sticks are, and hopefully you’ll watch and learn. The band seemed to […]

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Puddle of Mudd delete Facebook page

Posted by on June 26, 2015

The power of social media is strong and can deeply affect its users when used to harm and cause turmoil. This week, the first victim was DAVID DRAIMAN who decided to disappear from Twitter after being harassed by trolls to the point where we will no longer read his posts and updates in cap locks; the […]

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Geoff Tate wants it all, can’t have it

Posted by on May 22, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] After losing rights to the Queensryche name, but maintaining the rights to performing Operation: Mindcrime I and II in their entirety, Geoff Tate, The Voice of Queenryche, did a three-night run at Seattle’s Triple Door. Tate’s Rock and Vaudeville tour had already been teased on local TV by Tate appearing with a wig on and […]

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No ‘Revolver,’ Jani Lane wasn’t in Motörhead

Posted by on April 24, 2014

Listen, Revolver Golden Gods Awards: We’ll discuss the actual awards and performances at a later time, but we just want to say that you’re better than this. It was a classy move to have Zakk Wylde come out and play “In This River” on piano as the montage of deceased rockers displayed across the screen during last […]

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