Protest the Hero’s guitarist trips, slips, flips offstage

Posted by on August 14, 2015


At a recent show in St. Petersburg, Russia, Protest the Hero guitarist Tim Millar was filming the crowd with a camera in the middle of a song when he wandered offstage. There’s a valuable lesson to be learned about how douchy selfie sticks are, and hopefully you’ll watch and learn. The band seemed to have fun laughing at him, and he wasn’t all that seriously injured, as he answered a fan’s response as to his condition:

haha yeah. I got pretty lucky. I have a scratch on my shin where I scraped the monitor, a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my side where I hit the barricade and my back is sore where I landed on my wireless. The wireless still turns on but the Lcd screen is done. My guitar didnt get damaged too badly either but the volume knob cleanly fell out of the pot. I will investigate tonight. However, my stage trick repetoire has been severely diminished due to the bruises on my confidence and self esteem!

Good thing he’s ok. It’s also a good thing that this was preserved on video. Wonder if the Go Pro footage is going to make its way online?

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