No ‘Revolver,’ Jani Lane wasn’t in Motörhead

Posted by on April 24, 2014

janilaneListen, Revolver Golden Gods Awards: We’ll discuss the actual awards and performances at a later time, but we just want to say that you’re better than this. It was a classy move to have Zakk Wylde come out and play “In This River” on piano as the montage of deceased rockers displayed across the screen during last night’s awards show. But you probably should have tasked the production assistant or whoever it is that’s supposed to do things like research the bands before entering them in with, oh, I don’t know, knowing their shit?

Warrant vocalist Jani Lane, who died in 2011, was not in Motörhead. In fact, the closest he came to being in the band was probably sharing a girl or two with Lemmy back in the day. We can only assume that with Lemmy’s health scare last year that maybe they had his obituary already written? In fact, no, that doesn’t even make sense, since they have Lane’s age there as well. Maybe onetime Motorhead guitarist Wurzel, who also died in 2011, was supposed to have his name appear instead of Lane’s? All we know is that the awards show is in its sixth year, and this is the kind of error we’d chalk up to a high school production. In between now and when the ceremony airs on VH1 Classic next month, they should probably edit the “Motorhead” out and throw in a “Warrant.”

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