The power of social media is strong and can deeply affect its users when used to harm and cause turmoil. This week, the first victim was DAVID DRAIMAN who decided to disappear from Twitter after being harassed by trolls to the point where we will no longer read his posts and updates in cap locks; the latest band who decided to quit its online presence was Puddle of Mudd, very likely because of their frontman Wes Scantlin’s fault.

Scantlin has been in the eye of the media storm after a few incidents like having a “joy ride” on one of the luggage carousels at an airport in Denver; having a tantrum on stage in the middle of their set and taking off afterwards; and finally missing his flight, forcing the band to cancel their scheduled show in Michigan. Of course, all these incidents angered their fans, which in return opted for booing the band off stage the next day of the Michigan incident.

Unofficial reports claim that the band was heckled off stage after failing attempts of lip-syncing and utter displeasure from the crowd, which took upon themselves to make it clear by posting on the band’s Facebook page their discontent as you can see below. The reason why you are looking at an image it’s because when we tried to check Puddle of Mudd’s Facebook page, we found the page has been deleted to oblivion.

puddle of mudd facebook



We can only assume someone, other than Scantlin, decided that it would be a good idea to get away from social media for a while until things get sorted out. If you are a Puddle of Mudd fan, we would like to ask you to reflect on your life choices and expect some big changes to happen, if the band still wants to continue to be a band.