Best Music Videos of the Week Ending 6/16

Posted by on June 16, 2017

It is safe to say, this week was a bit Moody. However, it didn’t stop us from listening to the new Iced Earth and giving the new Nickelback a fair listen. We have seen one of the most goriest NSFW music videos in quite some time with Dying Fetus’ new tune, heard a killer new Chelsea Wolfe, re-lived one of Kreator’s classics in a new video, and caught up with a fresh animation, thanks to Volbeat. Despite Stone Sour giving us a little bit of “Mercy,” Gene Simmons, on the other hand, claims he invented something that could be referred as the sign for “I love you,” but determined as the original Devil Horns. We also saw Sir Lars Ulrich Knighted while a conspiracy theorist found proof that James Hetfield is linked to the illuminati. However, nothing stops old people from rocking out to Metallica. With that said, here are five videos we enjoyed watching this week.

5) Carnifex, “Dark Heart Ceremony”

CA death metallers Carnifex unleashed the new video for the song “Dark Heart Ceremony” taken from their sixth studio album Slow Death that released earlier last year.

4) Mutoid Man,  “Date With the Devil”

A little bit different, Mutoid Man premiered a brand new live video this week for the song “Date With The Devil” taken from their new album War Moans.

3) Carach Angren, “Charles Francis Coghlan”

Carach Angren’s new album Dance And Laugh Amongst the Rotten has arrived, and to celebrate their new album, they premiered the video for “Charles Francis Coghlan.”


2) Cellar Darling,  “Avalanche

We are two weeks away until Cellar Darling’s (ft. former Eluveitie members) debut album arrives on June 30th via Nuclear Blast. This week, the  group unveiled another sample, with the music video for, “Avalanche.”


1)In Flames, “Save Me”

In Flames released a creative video for their song, “Save Me” taken from their 2016 album, Battles.

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