Video: Volbeat Frontman Joins Iced Earth Onstage

Posted by on December 7, 2011


Iced Earth and Volbeat aren’t exactly two bands you’d normally group together. Iced Earth is a solid power metal group, while Volbeat have been highly noted for their fusion of metal and rockabilly. As it turns out, though, Iced Earth guitarist/founder Jon Schaffer is a big fan of Volbeat and has become good buds with the Danish frontman Michael Poulsen (which he revealed in an interview with Aux Portes Du Métal back in September). So that would explain how Poulsen came to join Iced Earth onstage during the band’s show in Copenhagen, Denmark this past weekend.

Fan filmed footage of Poulsen joining Iced Earth for a rendition of “Watching Over Me” this past Saturday (December 3) has made its way online. Poulsen pulls it off and sounds awesome singing with new Iced Earth frontman Stu Block. You can watch a video clip of the special appearance above.

[ video via Blabbermouth]

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