You’ve seen the lyric video for “Subject To A Beating” and have seen bootlegs of them performing “Invert The Idols” live. Now comes your chance to hear samples of Dying Fetus’ new album Reign Supreme.

That’s right, the death metal titans have just released the five minute clip above that includes samples of all nine tracks off of their new record. If you’re a die-hard Dying Fetus fan, then it’s the ultimate cock tease. However, it’s still worth checking out even just to hear a few seconds of each song. Plus, the preview’s graphic artwork in the background is pretty brutal.

So go ahead and listen to the album preview of Dying Fetus’ Reign Supreme, which comes out on June 19 via Relapse Records, in the video above. And as you likely already heard, Dying Fetus will soon be on the road with Six Feet Under and Revocation.