Less than two months ago, Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody said he was leaving the band. However, it was the next day when this statement was nullified with Moody claiming he’s not going anywhere,  following guitarist Chris Kael joking about the said rumor. Earlier last month, we saw his return and everything seemed to go back to normal – until now. The group returned to the stage earlier this evening (12) in the Netherlands at 013 in Tilburg and things were far from normal.

According to a local report, Moody showed up to the show late and Tommy Vext filled in for him on vocals. Shortly after his return, it continued to be a disappointing performance consisting of the band not playing in sync with each other and leaving the stage between songs. Sources say the frontman was arguing with his bandmates. Towards the end of the show, Moody shouted that this was his final gig with the band. Fans left feeling angry and demanded a refund.

Footage of Moody quitting the band (for now) can be seen below:

Who knows if this really is his final performance with the group? It wasn’t the first time he’s done something like this before. Given that the band are currently embroiled in a lawsuit with their current label and have signed with a new one, it’s not like this is over yet, especially with the band’s current touring schedule that will see them playing a handful of summer festivals this year.

[via ThePrp]