Scar The Martyr websterIt’s only been a few months since Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison announced that he’d formed a new side project. Scar the Martyr didn’t have a name at the time, but it was unveiled that former Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon was involved. A few months later, the band unveiled their name and the rest of the lineup. And with their debut album coming due out on October 1 and a song already out there, the band have taken to the road, opening for Danzig. The band’s first show ever was on August 9 in Toronto, but their US debut was the following evening at New York City’s The Studio at Webster Hall.

The crowd was warmed up by New York City teen/preteen band Unlocking the Truth, who proved they’re more than just an internet meme, and definitely have a promising future ahead of them. At this point, the crowd was relatively full, but not packed, which isn’t surprising for a band that many people are still unaware of. As the band started their eight song set of unfamiliar material, there were a few things that stood out: First of all, Jordison is a punk rock drummer. It showed in his previous band The Murderdolls, and it shows now. Secondly, the dual guitars of Simon and ex-Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris were definitely solid. At times, each guitarist had eight-string guitars. That, combined with keyboardist Joey Blush (Chris Vrenna played on the album), put the band’s sound solidly between industrial, nu-metal, and traditional heavy metal. Singer Henry Derek’s voice mixed melody and aggression, not unlike the vocalist of Jordison’s main project. By the time the eighth song, the sludgy “Last Night,” ended, the band likely had more fans than they’d started out with.

The crowd yelled for an encore, but being that it was the Scar the Martyr’s second show ever, they didn’t have anything more to play. And while the band might still be in the process of finding their legs, from what we saw and heard on Saturday, they’ll definitely appeal to any fans of the last 15 years of heavy music, specifically if they came to the new band because of its drummer. Scroll down for the set list and the band’s remaining tour dates with Danzig and Huntress.

1) Intro
2) Dark Ages
3) My Retribution
4) P.F.P
5) Never Forgive
6) Anatomy
7) Cruel Ocean
8) Blood Host
9) Last Night

8/13 Bethlehem PA @  Sands Bethlehem Event Center
8/14: Columbus OH @ Newport Music Hall
8/16: Chicago IL @ Congress Theater
8/17: Maplewood MN @ Myth
8/18: Lincoln NE @ Bourbon Theatre
8/20: Magna UT @ The Great Salt Air
8/21: Garden City ID @ Revolution Center
8/22: Portland OR @ Roseland Theatre
8/24: Calgary AB @ Flames Central
8/25: Edmonton AB @ Union Hall
8/27: Vancouver BC @ Commodore Ballroom
8/28: Seattle WA @ Showbox SODO
8/30: Universal City CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre
8/31: Tempe AZ @ Marquee Theatre