photo: Neil Zaugg

Slipknot are no strangers to side projects, with many of the band’s eight members involving themselves in other bands. Now there’s another one. Drummer Joey Jordison has announced Scar the Martyr, his new band whose debut album will be released this Fall. The band will find Jordison not only playing drums, but also tackling bass duties for the entire album and rhythm guitar on all but two songs. Henry Derek is the band’s vocalist and guitars were handled by Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Kris Norris (Darkest Hour).  Nine Inch Nails’ Chris Vretta played keyboards, and the album was produced by Rhys Fulber, who’s produced Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, and more.

From the description of the band in the press release and the Vrenna and Fulber’s involvement, it sounds like the Scar the Martyr will have some industrial overtones. “A searing rock record that draws elements from post-punk and industrial music to create an immersive and modern attack, Scar The Martyr creates a menacing and enveloping palette of surging synthesizers layered under heavy guitars and Jordison’s trademark precision drumming,” the press release says. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

UPDATE: Below is a video teaser from Scar the Martyr’s recording sessions previously posted on Facebook, giving a very small taste of what to expect from the music.