Kids Play The Darndest Things: Check Out Unlocking The Truth

Posted by on May 10, 2013


Have you heard of Unlocking The Truth yet? Sure, they’ve been written about on the internet before but this clip of the three-piece metal band playing Times Square is going viral, having been viewed 550,000 times since being uploaded a few weeks ago. And with good reason – The Brooklyn trio aren’t old enough to vote yet. In fact, their average age is about 11. This breakdown that they’re shown playing is much heavier than the bands their website says they’re inspired by (Motionless In White, Escape the Fate, Metallica, Disturbed), and it’s easily the best street performers anywhere near Times Square we’ve heard. We have a feeling that we’ll be hearing about this band when they’re playing clubs, not street corners. To that note, check out the band as a duo last year playing at The Bitter End after the jump.


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