The first release day of August brings a LOT of big names to the calendar. It’s one of the biggest weeks on the busy summer release schedule, for that matter. And it all starts with one of the most well-respected names in the entire metal community. Check it all out right here!

Fear Factory, Genexus (Nuclear Blast)

To say that Genexus is a highly-anticipated album would a criminal understatement. Thanks to the hype generated by three music videos and a must-see headlining tour that’s coming soon, Genexus stands alongside Lamb of God and Ghost as having the most talked-about new albums of 2015. There’s new life to be found in Fear Factory, thanks to both the recording debut of drummer Mike Heller (ex-System Divide) and their new deal with Nuclear Blast.


Cattle Decapitation, The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade)

I don’t know about anyone else, but at this point, I am declaring Cattle Decapitation to be the hardest-hitting, most relentless band on the planet. We are talking about a band that has written multiple albums about seeing the human race completely exterminated and how it would be better for the world if that were to happen. The Anthropocene Extinction is the latest in such a series, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s also the heaviest musical bludgeoning tool that I’ve heard in a long time. Cattle Decapitation will not be stopped, and at this point, I don’t think anyone wants to bother trying.


Terror, The 25th Hour (Victory)

Terror is one of the standard-bearers of the hardcore ethos. No matter what their status is, no matter what obstacles they face, this band just keeps churning out album after album of solid, no-holds-barred, in-your-face hardcore. Scott Vogel hasn’t lost a step, despite being one of the longest-running veterans of the scene, and his command on the microphone is still undeniable. If all of this appeals to you, then check out our Terror giveaway and enter for the chance to score some awesome swag celebrating The 25th Hour.


Miss May I, Deathless (Rise)

Starting with 2010’s Monument and continuing through last year’s Rise of the Lion, Miss May I has been on an inexorable rise to the top. They were just shy of breaking into the top 20 of the Billboard charts last year, so it’s practically assured at this point that Deathless will break that barrier. Miss May I’s participation in the entirety of this year’s Warped Tour should help with that, as the new songs in their live set generated a lot of buzz among festival goers.


Krisiun, Forged in Fury (Century Media)

This year marks Krisiun’s 25th anniversary of existence, and they are celebrating by releasing their tenth full-length album. Those are quite the pair of milestones to have in the same year, and it sets a high bar of excellence for the band, in order to show that they still have what it takes. Forged in Fury certainly does not disappoint – the Erik Rutan-produced album has all the blistering death metal power of their past releases and then some.


All Out War, Dying Gods EP (Organized Crime)

All Out War fell off the grid shortly after releasing 2010’s Into the Killing Fields, but they came storming back in 2013 to make their presence felt. The lineup that recorded 1998’s classic For Those Who Were Crucified crushed a number of festival appearances and brought All Out War back to prominence in the crossover thrash scene. That same lineup recorded this new EP, showing that All Out War is here to stay.


Black Fast, Terms of Surrender (eOne)

St. Louis is certainly not the breeding ground for thrash acts that the Bay Area was, but that hasn’t stopped Black Fast from making a huge impact. Terms of Surrender, the band’s sophomore release, builds on the excellent foundation that 2013’s Starving Out the Light laid. Black Fast plays technical thrash with nearly-flawless guitar work, and despite only being 43 minutes long, Terms of Surrender will be well worth your time because of said guitar prowess.


Enabler, Fail to Feel Safe (Century Media)

Fail to Feel Safe may be the last material we get from Enabler for a long time, if not forever. The hardcore group is currently on “indefinite hiatus,” following public accusations by bassist Amanda Daniels of abuse at the hands of frontman/ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Lohrber. Judging by Daniels’ follow-up interview about the state of the band while the abuse took place, it seems likely that this situation will take quite awhile to resolve.


Chemical Burn, Raining Anvils (Megasonic)

Chemical Burn may be new to the metal world, but coming out of the Bay Area gives them an edge, as their music already bears the signature stamp of that region. While Raining Anvils may not be a pure thrash album, it has most of the sonic cues that the region’s forefathers imparted, thanks to the expert guitar work of Circle II Circle’s Marc Pattison. The mixture of thrash, groove, death, and power metal that Chemical Burn brings to the table is not to be ignored.