Fear Factory continue to rage against machines with “ProtoMech”

Posted by on July 10, 2015


You know that Fear Factory song about a dystopian future where the line between man and machine blurs? Oh wait, that’s pretty much all of them. What Amon Amarth are to vikings, Fear Factory are to Blade Runner and the Terminator franchise. However, they’re great at filling that niche, and it meshes with their music, which is also a cross between machine-like precision and melody. The band have premiered another song from their forthcoming album, Genexus, via Rolling StoneHere’s what Burton C. Bell says about “ProtoMech,” whose lyric video you see above:

“I was reading about Ray Kurzweil’s theory of ‘The Singularity,’ [the era when machines become sentient], and thinking about Blade Runner and the Rutger Hauer character Roy Batty,” Bell says. “[Director] Ridley Scott really touched upon empathy in that movie because the only ones who feel anything are the androids. The humans are totally disconnected. That got me thinking about what would happen to these machines when they developed empathy and started looking after one another.”

Genexus will be released on August 7 on Nuclear Blast. You can preorder it here.


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