After seeing a recent Exclaim! video interview with Jeff Lohrber of Enabler (below), former bassist Amanda Daniels shared details of her six year relationship with her former bandmate and ex-boyfriend. She accused Lohrber of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, which eventually led to Lohrber canceling all their shows, and putting the band, “on an indefinite hiatus.”

In her first interview since all this came out, Amanda tells Noisey what led to her leaving Enabler:

“Jeff had attacked me in front of everybody while we were driving to a show: he was cursing at me, tried to choke me, punched my face, all that shit, and then started taking it out on himself and tried to jump out of the van. I literally thought we were going to die. Somehow we decided to play a show, and then go home. And we did. And after, that we all quit.

I do want to stress the fact that I quit, and our parting was in no way mutual or on good terms. The people present in the van were specifically asked to never speak of what happened, with Jeff telling us that he’s “handling it with the people who need to know.” Apparently he’s never addressed or handled it at all. We allowed him the time to come clean, but he never did. That’s why hearing his take on what had happened in that Exclaim! interview was so upsetting.”

Enabler was due to release their latest album, Fail to Feel Safe, on August 7th, on Century Media Records. While the Enabler Facebook page has been taken down, they are still listed on the Century Media website.