The Hollywood fashion trend of pop and hip-hop stars wearing metal T-shirts isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Let’s face it, Urban Outfitters has a brand new line just for Metallica apparel and not too long ago, AC/DC’s logo became part of Gucci fashion. Regardless if the brands, and buyers listen to these bands, this trend is ongoing. You can even look like a rockstar (or a fan) by purchasing an AC/DC tour T-shirt and more at Forever 21.

As far as celebrities are concerned, Kanye West continues to wear metal merch and recently he was spotted wearing a long sleeved Cradle of Filth shirt. West was spotted numerous times wearing metal shirts in the past, including a Testament shirt and ridiculous sweatpants. Additionally, Kim Kardashian is allegedly a Metallica fan as James Hetfield once described her as “Kanye West in drag.”

Cradle of Filth noticed West’s new fashion statement, commenting:

Cradle Of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator.”


Peaceville Records joined in on the fun:

We’re pretty sure they’re joking, but we’d listen if it happened.