AC/DC’s logo used in Gucci’s Fall Fashion Line

Posted by on April 14, 2016

acdc bon scott 306As we’ve previously mentioned in the past, metal has been exposed to the mainstream media a lot more than before and that has extended to the fashion industry. From fake stupid looking sweat pants worn by Kanye West, Chris Brown wearing a metal jacket covered in crossover patches like Cro-Mags and Municipal Waste, to Japanese fashion companies using Mortician’s logo likeness for their fall collection. But this time, it’s actually an agreed use of AC/DC’s logo in Gucci’s upcoming fall line.

The New York Times’ T-Magazine posted the cover for their next issue displaying a dress done by the high-end fashion brand Gucci displaying the prominent rock logo on the back of it. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, described the brand’s fall fashion line as “rock ‘n’ roll Renaissance, 1980s Renaissance, street-style Renaissance, bourgeois Renaissance, chinoiserie Renaissance”

What’s funny is that AC/DC has mentioned in the past their reluctance to license their logo or music for commercial purposes, despite the fact that they’re music has been used for a Black Friday commercial back in 2011. Let’s  see how far they go about expanding their brand now that they’re trying to get back on track with possibly Axl Rose fronting the band after Brian Johnson’s departure.

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