Kanye West Wears Ridiculous Sweatpants

Posted by on May 16, 2013

Kanye West is one of the most successful artists of the last decade. The Chicago producer rose up the ranks from being an in demand producer to a multi-platinum solo artist that continues to take chances with his music. However, he’s not known for being able to take a joke, or for being modest. One other thing he won’t be known for is his fashion sense. While this happened last year in October, our buds at Metal Injection uncovered a picture of him leaving a Versace event wearing sweatpants. Not just any sweatpants, but  $325 sweatpants emblazoned with metal imagery.

Injection calls it “metal clip art,” which seems about right. At least Noel Austin, the guy that designed the punk/hardcore jacket Chris Brown wore, was a legitimate fan of the bands whose patches he used in his work. But that’s definitely a rip off of Metal Church’s logo, and we’re not sure what the generic looking goat horn logo is all about. The sweatpants are part of the collection of UK designer Kokon Tozai. If you have $325 burning a hole in your pocket and questionable taste for an article of clothes that means you’ve basically given up on life, you’re still out of luck: the sweatpants are sold out.

[MTV Style, via Metal Injection]

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