Here’s what James Hetfield thinks of celebrities wearing Metallica shirts

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At this point in their career, Metallica are as much of a brand as they are a band. As an example, a guy we know that manages a Hot Topic says that some kids have come in asking for shirts from “metallic.” He said “that’s Metallica, you know that’s a band, right?” and the kids didn’t. Granted, it has been eight years since the band released an album, but that’s all going to change next week. Regardless, their logo, their shirts and the band aren’t going anywhere, and the longer they exist, the more chance there is of a celebrity trying to appear edgier and increase their cred a little more by repping the band. Buzzfeed Mexico recently sat down with the band’s (brand’s?) James Hetfield to get his take on people wearing his merch.

The singer knows that some of the shirts were probably picked out by fashion assistants, calling Mary-Kate Olsen “too cute for the new album.” He doesn’t know who The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen is, which probably broke her heart. And the singer has a sense of humor in the segment, calling Kim Kardashian “Kanye West in drag” and Avril Lavigne “the singer for Nickelback. He also calls a dude from 5 Seconds of Summer “ballsy” for wearing a Load/Reload-era shirt, and doesn’t know what Reggaeton is. All in all, it’s an entertaining segment.


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