King 810 denied entry to Canada

Posted by on November 30, 2014

Planning on seeing King 810 in Toronto tonight on tour with Slipknot and Korn? You’re going to be disappointed if so. The band were denied entry into Canada as a result of their criminal past. As a result of an incident from last year, in which a man was beaten by the band’s David Gunn and Eugene Gill in a bar fight, the band is forced to miss the show at Air Canada Centre. It’s the only Canadian show on the tour, however. The band being the band, they posted the paperwork on their social media with the following message:

Our Canadian Family. Due to criminal past we’ve been denied access to your country. We apologize we cannot play for you tonight. We are working on clearing this up and will try and come back as soon as possible. Yours. KING.

It wouldn’t be surprising if they weren’t allowed entry into a lot of other countries as a result of the case, even though charges were eventually dropped against the band. You might remember that the band was first arrested at a Detroit airport while on their way to play the Download Festival in the UK.

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