And You Were Afraid That Motley Crue And Poison Would Get Along

Posted by on July 20, 2011

It wasn’t that long ago when we applauded Nikki Sixx for admitting that Motley Crue was touring with Poison for the fans, despite their less than kind past comments. We also applauded him for wiping the egg off his face and making TV appearances with Poison frontman Bret Michaels. It truly seemed like everyone in the Crue camp were finally checking their egos at the door and giving fans something they obviously wanted. Well, so much for that…

In what we guess is a last minute attempt to maintain “credibility” as the tour starts to wind down, Nikki Sixx once again took a jab at their current tour mates in a new interview with The Delaware County Daily Times. When talking about the “drama” that occurred before the tour with Poison kicked off, Sixx said the following:

“Everything was fine, until Bret went on Piers Morgan and announced the tour when he knew he was supposed to do it with Motley Crue. It was a Motley Crue tour with the New York Dolls and Poison supporting, and that really pissed off my band. We didn’t want the tour, because of the reasons not personally, but because of keeping things segregated and then when he went and took it into his own hands that it was like his idea — yeah.

He was the one on the phone that told me he wanted to do it because his band needs credibility and Motley Crue is a credible band — it pissed us off, because we were sucker-punched.”

This comes shortly after Sixx denied “apologizing” to Michaels for the band’s previous comments about Poison. So why did Crue even bother touring with Poison? While he continued to say that it’s what the fans wanted, Sixx seemed less than thrilled by the fans’ choice, saying:

“The fans chose Guns ‘N Roses first, Def Leppard second and Poison third and we’re like, ‘Really?’ We talked to Guns ‘N Roses, talked to Def Leppard, talked to Poison who was available and the other two weren’t. It just worked out.”

Sixx also discussed how Crue shouldn’t be put in the same category as bands from the 80’s LA hair metal scene. Now we do agree that Crue were a bit heavier than the average hair metal group. Plus, if we were touring with a band that we trashed publicly before, we’d be a tad embarrassed as well. But is Sixx seriously trying to still create a riff between the two bands? Is Crue so afraid of looking “retro” or lame by touring with Poison that they have to bash them whenever they get a chance? Are they seriously afraid that touring with Poison will lose them more credibility than all the reality TV crap Vince Neil and Tommy Lee already did? Seriously?!

While might not necessarily disagree that Motley Crue is better than Poison, it’s a shame that Sixx and the rest of Crue can’t get over themselves to realize that they are on a pretty cool package. Sure, Sixx admits that the fans really are the ones benefiting from the tour, but we bet you that both Crue and Poison are also benefiting very well from performing together.

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