Video: Nikki Sixx’s Most Honest Response About The Motley Crue/Poison Tour To Date

Posted by on April 7, 2011

Nikki Sixx knew he’d have to respond to why Motley Crue decided to tour with Poison after claiming any band of his never would in every interview he did. While he may still gloss over his colorful comments, he’ll admit that there was still hesitation.

In a recent video interview with RollingStone.com, Sixx admitted that Motley Crue was hesitant to tour with any band from the 80’s (but not necessarily Poison). He points to how the band has always tried to open themselves to new audiences by bringing out newer hard/alt rock bands on the road (like they’ve done with Crue Fest). While they were afraid that doing an “80’s package” would be sending the band’s backwards, the band realized that it’s what the fans wanted.

So ok, you can argue that Sixx’s old comments sound more like a direct hit against Poison than him simply not wanting to be in a “80’s package” tour. But like the interviews he did with Bret Michaels, at least Sixx recognizes that it’s what the fans want. It’s definitely an awkward situation that Sixx has put himself in, but we have to admit that all in all he’s handling himself pretty well when the subject is brought up (even if he never directly mentions the actual comments made in 2004).

You can watch the entire interview, where he also discusses what’s been happening with the movie adaptation of their memoir The Dirt, above.


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