Not So Fast Bret Michaels, Nikki Sixx Denies Apology

Posted by on May 16, 2011

Last week, Poison frontman Bret Michaels claimed that Nikki Sixx apologized to him personally for the derogatory comments his Motley Crue band mates made towards their new tour mates. Thus, we figured that Motley Crue and Poison’s upcoming tour would now be drama free. Well not so fast, for Sixx now claims that he has made no such apology.

In response to Michael’s comments in an interview with The Arizona Republic, the Motley Crue bassist said the following via Twitter:

“Just to clarify, Bret Michaels recently said I apologized to him about derogatory comments that Motley made about Poison in the past and that isn’t what i said. What I did say was ‘I personally never had anything against you guys as a people but Motley just sorta though you sucked as band but lets give the fans what they want and go out and have a good time.’”

Sixx had been straight forward in recent interviews that Crue are touring with Poison despite previous hesitations because the fans wanted it. But this might be the most straightforward response Sixx has given in regards to the tour (that’s if you believe that he never apologized). Granted, he’s had a lot worst to say about his new tour mates, hence the suspense and excitement surrounding this tour. But it certainly doesn’t maintain the new peace created between the two 80’s hair metal bands. Plus, it highlights how some members of Crue (cough, Sixx, cough) truly feel about Poison’s music.

This tweet certainly won’t put the Summer tour in jeopardy. However, it looks like the Motley Crue/Poison drama may still be alive after all. Maybe Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and C.C. DeVille will help add more fuel to the fire (those three are good at enhancing shit shows). We’ll keep you posted if more develops.


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