When it was revealed that Motley Crue and Poison were touring together, Nikki Sixx probably feared two things. First, having to answer a billion questions regarding the less than kind remarks he had for his new tourmates back in 2004. Second, having to sit next to Bret Michaels during interviews and act like nothing had happen. Well as of yesterday, Sixx’s second fear occurred.

Yesterday morning, the Motley Crue bassist and Poison singer conducted interviews together for Fox 11’s Good Day LA and ABC’s Good Things Utah. Despite all of the past drama and comments, Michaels and Sixx appeared as if they were old time friends, though no questions about Sixx’s choice words back in 2004 came up in either interview.

The morning show appearances, just like Michael’s recent interview, made one point clear: if bad blood remains then it isn’t noticeable or at least doesn’t matter because this tour is “for the fans.” However, while I’m sure the beef between the two bands has been squashed, it still has be a little embarrassing for Sixx to appear on national TV with a member of the “fake bullshit” he refused to be “attached” with previously. Kudos to him, though, for still doing the interviews with Michaels despite possible embarrassment, even if his previous explanations about the tour have been somewhat vague.

You can watch the two’s Good Day LA above, while their Good Things Utah can be seen below.