You’ve seen him make a fool of himself onstage, in bars and on reality TV. Now you get to see Vince Neil embarrass himself on skates. It’s been confirmed that the Motley Crue singer will be appearing on a new show called Skating With The Stars. In other words, it’s Dancing With The Stars but with figure skating (also from the same producers).

Speaking to, Neil revealed that:

“I was a figure skater when I was 12. When they called the people in my office were laughing but I told them, ‘I actually used to skate. I haven’t skated for a long, long time. I like to do things that sound like fun and this sounds like fun.”

I’m not so sure about this. Watching Neil drunk and falling on the ice will be either hysterical or horrifying. Considering that there’s a blade involved, I’m going with horrifying. Yet still not as frightening as the Tommy Lee Goes To College reality show. Neil will be competing against actress Sean Young, reality star Bethenny Frankel, Olympic gold medal skier Jonny Moseley, All My Children star Rebecca Budig and Disney Channel actor Brandon Mychal Smith. The show will kick off its six episode run on November 22 on ABC. For those who really want to get a glimpse of Neil on the ice, you can view a commercial for the show below.


[Picture via Blabbermouth]