The new Queens Of The Stone Age album already has Dave Grohl playing drums and a guest appearance from Trent Reznor. Now there’s one more name we can add to the album’s credits: former bassist Nick Oliveri.

According to a Facebook post made by his group Mondo Generator, Nick Oliveri recently recorded vocals for the new QOTSA album. Though this doesn’t mark the first collaboration between Oliveri and Josh Homme since the two made amends, this will mark his first contribution to a QOTSA album since 2002’s Songs For The Deaf. Thus, this is extremely exciting news for anyone who felt the group hasn’t done anything worth noting since Oliveri’s departure.

But that’s not all the Facebook post revealed. In addition to the QOTSA news, the post ALSO claims that Oliveri has rejoined Kyuss Lives! As you may recall, Oliveri (who has already been dealing with his own legal troubles, to put it mildly) left the group in the middle of a lawsuit Homme and Scott Reeder filed against singer John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork over the “Kyuss” moniker. And in a recent court ruling, Garcia and Bjork were barred from recording and releasing material under the name Kyuss Lives!, though allowed to perform under the moniker as long as not solely billed as “Kyuss.” So with that in mind, we’re surprised Oliveri has anything to rejoin in the first place. It should be noted, though, that no one from Kyuss’ camp (or whatever remains of it) has yet to comment.

Either way, this is a lot of news that’ll likely make most Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss fans pleased.