Bassist Nick Oliveri has been keeping himself busy lately with Kyuss Lives (which also features drummer Brant Bjork and singer John Garcia). But this time last year, rumors that Oliveri would be rejoining another old band of his, Queens Of The Stone Age, started to heat up. It all started when Josh Homme dedicated a song to his old QOTSA band mate during Them Crooked Vultures’ Los Angeles show. However, it’s been almost a year and nothing has come out of the rumors. And seeing that Homme and his current QOSTA band mates are hitting the road to perform the group’s debut self-titled LP in its entirety, it’s unlikely Oliveri will rejoin the group any time soon.

However, in a recent interview with UGO, Oliveri revealed that after a messing split, the two are back on good terms. Oliveri has even been recording material for his Mondo Generator project in Homme’s studio, while he reportedly continues to attend Queens Of The Stone Age shows whenever they perform in LA. But while their friendship appears to be back on track, the two performing together is less likely. When asked if there was a chance the two would ever collaborate again, Oliveri said the following:

“There hasn’t been any talk about it. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw them play was a benefit for Brian [O’Connor] in L.A., from the Eagles [Of Death Metal]. I was down there and I mentioned to them, “Why don’t I come up and do ‘Millionaire’ or something, and sing it and not play bass?” He was like, “Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea yet.” It’s kind of in his court for stuff like that. I don’t think he wants to give anybody the wrong idea. I don’t necessarily know if that would happen. And he’s got a good band — he’s taking the band in the direction he wants it to go. Hey, it’s all good.”

This is somewhat unfortunate news for fans of the band’s earlier material. Oliveri recorded bass on Rated R and Songs For The Deaf, arguably Queens Of The Stone Age’s best work, and even sang on a few tracks. In 2004, though, Homme kicked Oliveri out of the group for personal issues. While Homme claimed he would never give Oliveri a “second chance,” it would appear that the two are at the very least able call each other friends once again after a long time apart.

You can read the rest of Oliveri’s interview, where he also explains why Kyuss Lives didn’t asked Homme to rejoin them, over at UGO’s website.