Over a year ago, Nick Oliveri made headlines for his four-hour standoff with a S.W.A.T. team in LA. The incident lead to his public arrest and threatened to send him to jail for up to 15 years. Last week, though, the former Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss bassist reportedly cut a deal with prosecutors that will help him avoid jail all together.

Oliveri’s lawyer Freddy Sayegh reportedly told TMZ that the bassist “agreed to plead to one count of possession of cocaine and a dismissal of the remaining SIX felony counts.” Under the deal, Oliveri will only be forced to serve 3 years felony probation, 52 weeks of anger management and 200 hours of community service. Furthermore, the judge who signed off on the deal last Friday (August 3) says that he’ll expunge the entire case from Oliveri’s record if he stays clean during the entirety of his probation.

To simply put it, Oliveri lucked out big time. Now he can go back to Kyuss Lives! without having any legal woes weighing over his head. Oh… actually