Josh Homme may have made amends with his former Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate Nick Oliveri, but it still seemed unlikely that the two would ever collaborate on music again. However, according to the former QOTSA/Kyuss bassist, Homme will be making a guest appearance on the upcoming release from Oliveri’s Mondo Generator.

Oliveri recently revealed the news on Dean Delray’s comedy podcast Let There Be Talk. While you can watch the entire interview above, Oliveri said [around the 12:38 mark] that “… Josh came down to the studio and recorded some stuff on the new Mondo [Generator], which is great… We haven’t done anything for eight years.” This comes as somewhat of a surprise, not only because of Oliveri’s messy split with QOTSA in 2004 but also because of the current Kyuss Lives! legal battle. Drummer Brant Bjork hinted recently that Oliveri’s relationship with Homme may have played a role in his departure from the revamped Kyuss. If Homme is indeed making a guest appearance on Mondo Generator’s new album, then it should be pretty clear which side of the Kyuss battle Oliveri is now on. It’s just nice to see that Oliveri’s recent legal troubles haven’t soured his relationship with Homme.

You can watch Oliveri’s entire interview with Let There Be Talk in the video above.

[via The PRP]